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April marks the beginning of Autism Awareness Month. This month’s designation was launched to bring awareness to a disorder that affects 1 in 68 children–according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The prevalence of autism has nearly doubled since 2004 and April is a month intended to grow visibility and understanding to a complicated disorder that impacts so many. 

Autism is a complex spectrum disorder which means that there are different ways it affects different people. Although there are behaviors associated with the disorder that can be common among autistic people, the severity of those and other symptoms range from person to person. At Haring Pediatric Dental, we understand that all children differ in their needs and tolerance when it comes to visiting the dentist–with or without autism. That is why we accommodate children with special needs by offering an array of experiences to suit their individual needs. 

No one knows your child better than you, which is why we are happy to consult with you and tailor the appointment to your child. We can provide online virtual tours to provide familiarity with the office and what we have to offer, or what the visit may entail. We are also happy to offer a physical tour of the office so your child can see our environment in-person before an appointment. Our state of the art exam rooms also have Netflix. A little more fun and a little distraction can keep the appointment a little more manageable.

Our staff and doctors at Haring Pediatric are here to serve you and your child in every way we can. For a sense of how we can accommodate your child with special needs, please visit our office page. Call today to see what your options are!