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We Love Trivia


We have a few tooth-related trivia items to share.  Not sure if it’s information that will come in handy any time soon but we like them!



  • The average human produces 25,000 quarts of saliva (spit) in a lifetime. That is enough saliva to fill 2 swimming pools – pretty gross!
  • The Statue of Liberty’s mouth is 3 feet wide. That’s huge!
  • An Elephant’s tooth can weigh over 6 pounds. That’s heavier than a big jug of milk!
  • Most tooth loss in people under 35 years of age is caused by athletic trauma, fights or accidents. (Wear a mouth guard for all athletic activities and save your smile.)
  • If you don’t floss, you miss cleaning 35% of your tooth surfaces.
  • A tooth that has been knocked out starts to die within 15 minutes, but if you put it in milk or hold it in your mouth it will survive longer. Call Haring Dental Group ASAP!