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We Have A Winner!

Dr. Sophie and Jack, Our Winner!

Our summer contest involved guessing how long our pile of flip flops would be if laid end to end.  While some came close, Jack Mills’ answer was right on.  Jack, a 13 year old student at the Columbus Academy, says it was no guess. He took a scientific approach to developing his answer that involved length x quantity plus a “lucky” +/- 15% to reach the exact accurate measurement of 35.5′.  We think Jack has quite a future ahead of him!

Jack won a gift bag from Haring Dental Group filled with movie tickets, popcorn, candy and other treats to share with his family.  He says he has already seen the new Harry Potter movie but a second go-round may be in order.  Congratulations, Jack, and enjoy your winnings!

Stay tuned for our fall contest, coming soon.