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We are bringing the cool…

Oh, the tail end of summer is always filled with countless last-minute errands, isn’t it? Somebody needs something for a class, someone else needs to go to a certain meeting… Take a breath. It will all get done. You can get through this period as you have in the past. This year, though, you can get through a little better. You can get through with a little more fun!

This year at Haring Pediatric Dental, we’re squeezing the last bits of fun out of the summer! There hasn’t been a better time to schedule your back to school checkups. The sooner you get it scheduled, the less you’ll have to worry about. And did you know you can schedule your appointments online through our website?

Call or click, walk or ride, plan ahead, make an appointment, and the kids will be smiling as we help protect and nurture those same smiles. Call the office today to get in on the fun.