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There’s comfort out there…

If you have a fear of the dentist, you aren’t alone. If your kids are scared of the dentist, they’re not alone, either. Studies have shown that 5 to 8 percent of us completely avoid the dentist, and twenty percent of us only go when necessary due to anxiety associated with visiting the dentist. In these uncertain times, we’re doing all we can at Haring Pediatric Dental to ease anxiety.

Studies have shown that the cause for the anxiety varies widely. For some, it is fear of pain, but it can also be the fear of not being in control. One thing is sure; dental anxiety can be managed.

Finding a dentist that is sensitive to patients who experience dental anxiety is a great first step. Haring Pediatric Dental is passionate about working with kids who experience anxiety and goes above and beyond to help patients manage their fear.

Communication is the second step to overcoming phobias and developing a trusting relationship with your dentist. Each member of the Haring Pediatric Dental team is trained to help kids dealing with anxiety. Together, an individualized approach can be determined to alleviate any issues that anxious kids face.

Haring Pediatric Dental also provides a relaxing atmosphere, supportive staff, and the comforts of home during procedures. Reach out today–before the back to school season becomes overwhelming–to discuss what options are best for you and your kids.