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We had a great experience at Haring Pediatric Dental!

Dr. Kerns is amazing, he treated my son with respect and kindness… My son even commented on how quick and easy it was! Thank you for being so patient and overall wonderful!


With Nick Kerns, you can’t go wrong!!!


As always, everyone was wonderful. Especially Lynette! My boys actually love going to the dentist!!


We love everyone there. They are amazing!


My son just had 2 fillings done today and Dr. Haring and he was amazing. My son never flinched and walked out with a smile on his face even being numb. So glad we chose Dr. Haring to do the work we need done.


My son had two horrible experiences somewhere else and Dr. Haring was amazing with him today! Thank you so much!


When Dr. Nick Kerns joined our practice this September, we were thrilled. We knew we had added someone special to our team! We received this testimonial from a patient he had treated 2 years ago. She had such a great experience that she tracked him down to let him know how much his care meant to her. Congratulations Dr. Nick, but we are not surprised, as we know this is how you treat all your patients.


You may not remember me, but my family and I will always be grateful for you during your time at University of Maryland Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. You were a great intern and I looked you up to follow your success and to thank you again, 2 years later, for the great surgery you did to extract my wisdom tooth after a general dentist attempted to remove it and broke the tooth, and pretty much damaged my mouth.

I read that you were on the path to pediatric dentistry but since I am getting two wisdom teeth pulled next week, I have the surgeon on her toes to fill the big shoes you left here in Maryland. Not only was my recovery outstanding, and I ate steak the next day (on one side of course) but you made me feel like I was the only patient in the world. I appreciate how when I called on a Friday evening to explain my horrible situation, you were on call, you made sure I knew to go to an urgent care center to get pain meds and antibiotics to get through the weekend. You also gave advice to arrive to the ER early that Monday morning to ensure I was able to be seen and then you made it your business to extract the tooth yourself. You said that if you weren’t an intern you would have done the surgery right then and there but all the faculty were gone. I will never forget you and you will always be a pediatric dentist with a GIFT for oral surgery.

Please use this message as a testimonial for the duration of your career. I will always pray for your continued success and gifted hands. If my husband and I ever move anywhere close to Ohio I won’t have to look for a dentist for our girls.

Charese Robinson