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Tasty Treats In Moderation

imagesSome things we eat and drink may be delicious but not so good for us. Rather than depriving yourself and your children of those tasty treats, try moderation. Here are some things that are hard on teeth.

Citrus fruit – grapefruit and lemon juice are especially acidic and can harm tooth enamel. Orange juice poses the least threat to teeth.

Chewy candy – just makes sense that treats like taffy and carmels can stick to teeth can cause problems.

Hard candy – these dissolve slowly and the sugars saturate your mouth. Perfect conditions for bacteria! Please don’t crunch down on hard candy…many chipped or cracked teeth are caused by chomping on hard candy. And ice…don’t crunch that either!

Soda drinks – lots of findings about soda drinks and our health, and none are too good. Even sugar-free drinks contain citric and phosphoric acid. Consumed in large doses, soda drinks can be harmful. Same goes for sports drinks like Gatorade or Red Bull.

When you and your family indulge in any of these, try to brush or at least rinse your mouth out with water to remove the acid and neutralize the playing field. Even chewing sugarless gum can help your natural saliva wash away traces of not-so-good-for-you sugars and acids.

So what is good for you and your teeth?  Water, dairy products, leafy vegetables and high-fiber foods. And best of all, strawberries…they contain malic acid, a natural tooth whitener!