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October is Dental Hygiene Month

We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t indulge in a bad habit then and again. True, many of these indulgences include food, particularly sweet treats! In October we celebrate Dental Hygiene Month, a time to pay special attention to do’s, don’ts and why’s and how’s of keeping a healthy mouth.
The key to keeping a healthy smile is a balance between eating a healthy diet and practicing good oral hygiene habits. All these positive steps are contributing to keeping bacteria at bay and preventing cavities and keeping gums healthy and strong.

As you know issues with oral hygiene start when we are children, which is why it is essential to care for your child’s teeth and gums from the very beginning. Beginning with the caretaker actually providing the care and then transitioning to teaching and finally overseeing that the oral health routines are being done. There is more great news about starting habits at a young age; studies show that we are more likely to keep doing them as we age. For more reinforcement practice your daily oral health routines with your children, this is shown to further influence them positively.

Finally, be sure to keep those regularly scheduled dental visits as your dentist recommends. This is crucial to find problems early when treatment can be less invasive, and reinforce a positive experience and habit of going to the dentist. If you are looking for a dentist for your child, Haring Pediatric Dental would love to welcome your family to our family! We are proud to be known as the place, where going to the dentist just got FUN!