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A Father and His Child

The relationship between a father and his child is one for the ages. They have a profound influence on the behaviors of their children, both good and bad. Of course we would never model bad behavior, but we all know that our little, and not so little are always watching! When it comes to modeling good... Read More

Children & Poetry

The skill of writing is a very important one; we know this to be true due to constant use of it throughout our daily activities, like writing e-mails, sending text messages, or updating our Facebook status. Although it may have seemed like a nuisance to write those short stories about our weekend or haiku poems... Read More

Great Nutrition for Your Children’s Dental Health

We all know that it is important to instill great eating habits to keep your children on a path to good heath. Did you also know that nutrition plays a role in our dental health? Of course overall health is important, but there are things that are especially good and bad for the teeth of... Read More

3 Steps to a Healthier Mouth

When you think of children’s teeth it is important to remember that baby teeth are not little adult teeth. Baby teeth can suffer from the same tooth decay and other issues that adult teeth do, but they also have a very special purpose, they act as “place holders” while the permanent teeth are preparing to... Read More

Tips to Keep Your Kids’ Teeth Healthy This Halloween

With Halloween fast approaching, it’s important to keep your kids’ teeth clean and encourage their brushing habits. Your little goblins and ghouls will probably be getting a lot of sugary snacks near the end of this month. While some people have switched to handing out reduced sugar or sugar-free snacks, we can’t guarantee that your... Read More

Why Choose a Pediatric Dentist?

Why Choose A Pediatric Dentist For Your Child? Pediatric Dentistry is a specialty that focuses on oral health and specific needs of children through teenagers. Their training takes an additional two to three year residency to prepare them to provide the best care possible. Pediatric dentists often have special equipment and provide a child friendly... Read More

Gearing up for School!

For any parents out there, we wrote this blog specifically for your kids, so be sure to share it with them! School’s just around the bend, boys and girls! That means back to homework, tests and no more sleeping in till noon for you kids out there. But to help ease you into the busy... Read More

Sports Drinks and Your Child’s Teeth

Summer is a great time for kids to be out, running around and playing. Keeping them hydrated throughout the day is very important, but you may not want to reach for their favorite sports drink to do so. While sports drinks may help replace fluids and electrolytes after exercise, studies have shown that they can... Read More

Why Your Kids Should Stay Outside (For a while!)

With spring finally here and the weather warming up, we are all eager to get outside and enjoy nature. It can be important for us all, but it is also especially important for your kids. In a day filled with new technology and screens for your children to stare at, spending some time in the... Read More