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Should Your Child Drink Sports Drinks?

Staying hydrated while playing sports or working out is very important. For most children, special sports drinks containing electrolytes, minerals, carbs and flavoring are not necessary. In fact, they can be detrimental to your child’s overall health. A recent report from the American Academy of Pediatrics cautions parents on the overuse of sports drinks. “For... Read More

Historic Dublin Tree Lighting Celebration

Save the Date: Annual Christmas Tree Lighting in Historic Dublin  Thursday, December 1 The City of Dublin is hosting the annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony beginning at 6 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 1 at 62 W. Bridge Street. This festive evening will kick off with musical performances from Indian Run Elementary and Riverside Elementary students, and... Read More

Candy for Orangutans!

Okay, the candy isn’t really for the orangutans. But you can help them by buying halloween candy that is made from sustainable palm oil.  Use of non-sustainable palm oil production leads to deforestation of the orangutan’s home. The Columbus Zoo offers this list of candy companies that are committed to using certified sustainable palm oil.... Read More

Healthy Smiles Begin With Good Habits

As parents we try to help our children build great habits that will last a lifetime. One of the best habits for everyone, adults and children, is caring for  you teeth. Brushing twice a day and flossing at least once will help keep your smile healthy and beautiful!  Our Beautiful Smile chart can help remind... Read More

We Love Trivia

  We have a few tooth-related trivia items to share.  Not sure if it’s information that will come in handy any time soon but we like them!     The average human produces 25,000 quarts of saliva (spit) in a lifetime. That is enough saliva to fill 2 swimming pools – pretty gross! The Statue... Read More

Let’s Go On Safari!

We have a brand new contest for patients to enter.  See that jar of animal crackers? It’s really full of tasty treats, but just how many animal crackers the jar holds is a mystery.  Guess the correct number and you will win tickets to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium for your whole family! The Zoo... Read More

We Have A Winner!

Our summer contest involved guessing how long our pile of flip flops would be if laid end to end.  While some came close, Jack Mills’ answer was right on.  Jack, a 13 year old student at the Columbus Academy, says it was no guess. He took a scientific approach to developing his answer that involved... Read More

New Facebook Page

We just launched our Haring Dental Group Facebook page to help us keep in touch with patients and their families.  We have some very fun contests planned for you, a few special events are in the works and, of course, we want to share tips on maintaining excellent dental healthcare! Please “Like Us” so you... Read More

Halloween Guessing Contest

We had a tie for the winner of our Halloween guessing contest! Congratulations to Houston Ramsey and Alec Kingsley!! They won both a $25 gift certificate to Blockbuster and a $25 gift certificate to Donatos. The correct number of creepy crawly spider rings and Halloween high-bounce balls was 456. Our patients are all great guessers because we had a lot... Read More

Fall Ball Guessing Game

Congratulations to HariSimran Khalsa, the winner of our Fall guessing game.  He correctly guessed that there were 331 high bounce balls in the jar!  HariSimran won a $50 Toys-R-Us gift certificate.  He also won $150 in school supplies, a pizza party, and prize bags for his classroom with Silly Bands, stickers, pencils with Halloween erasers and more! ... Read More