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Keep Your Child’s Smile Healthy and Bright For the Holidays

In a holiday season that’s virtually taken over by sugary sweets of various sorts, we’re here to help your family’s smiles shine brightly. Even with the crazy, compressed schedules of the holidays, it is essential to stick to your non-holiday routines. Be sure your child continues to brush twice a day for at least two... Read More

Remember, remember…

You’re welcome to remember November for whatever it is you prefer. At Haring Pediatric Dental, we always remember November as a time to rekindle some of the good thinking we lose to a busy year. As the clocks fall back and the leaves turn away from the green of a lush Dublin, Ohio summer, we... Read More

October is Dental Hygiene Month

We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t indulge in a bad habit then and again. True, many of these indulgences include food, particularly sweet treats! In October we celebrate Dental Hygiene Month, a time to pay special attention to do’s, don’ts and why’s and how’s of keeping a healthy mouth. The key to keeping a... Read More

Put that binky to bed…

Everybody loves a good pacifier. It’s true. We all have stories about our kids and their binkies. And it’s well-known that pacifiers have tangible benefits. They can calm, soothe, help create shorter hospital stays for preterm infants, and even reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. There can be too much of a good... Read More

Back to School Means Snack Time

Back to school time means lots of things to lots of people. For some, it’s a giddy time of year filled with excitement for new friends, old friends, and lots of good learning. For others, it’s a rush to find all the proper supplies in time for all the classes without spending a fortune. For... Read More

Happy Father’s Day from Haring Pediatric Dental

The arrival of June brings many annual pleasures. The sun shines here at Haring Pediatric Dental, the plants bloom, the weather warms up, and fathers get their own special day! While dads play a unique role in all our lives, father figures are just as prominent. And while it might not seem like the most... Read More

Haring Pediatric Dental

Did you know that the Dublin area has a new sunken ship playground? Did you know that the hottest new playground is also a pediatric dental practice committed to the beautiful smiles of children and adolescents? It’s true. Haring Pediatric Dental is offering not only state-of-the-art dental care, a team of highly-trained professionals, and a... Read More

April is Autism Awareness Month

April 1st marks the start of Autism Awareness Month, celebrated every year. Autism Spectrum Disorder is a spectrum of conditions that can affect an individuals ability to communicate, socialization skills and other behavioral tendencies. The way in which the disorders affect individuals differs in a multitude of ways, which is why it is referred to... Read More

March is National Nutrition Month

All of us at Haring Pediatric Dental would like to remind our patients that March is National Nutrition Month. Although dentists and nutrition may seem unrelated, nutrition plays a vital role in oral health. This is especially true for children and their development. What we eat affects every aspect of our bodies, from our heads... Read More

National Children’s Dental Health Month is Here!

Each February we celebrate Valentines Day, Presidents Day and National Children’s Health Month. At Haring Pediatric Dental we celebrate children’s dental health every day. We are on a mission to transform the dental experience for generations of children. Many adults remember, and continue to experience fear of going to the dentist, it is our goal... Read More
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