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There’s comfort out there…

If you have a fear of the dentist, you aren’t alone. If your kids are scared of the dentist, they’re not alone, either. Studies have shown that 5 to 8 percent of us completely avoid the dentist, and twenty percent of us only go when necessary due to anxiety associated with visiting the dentist. In... Read More

Taking nothing for granted…

It’s safe to say that the world around us has changed dramatically in the past few months. There is a great deal that we know and light has been shed on things we don’t know. We’re all find paths to this “new normal” we all hear about, but within that journey, we at Haring Pediatric... Read More

March into new Fun!

At Haring Pediatric Dental, we know that good habits need to be formed early to have a lasting impact on a young person life. This is why we speak “kid” at Haring. Trips to the dentist can be a source of stress for kids—especially when it is unfamiliar. That is why we are dedicated to... Read More

What February brings…

Each February we celebrate Valentines Day, Presidents Day, Groundhog Day, and Mardi Gras. In the world of dentists, the whole darn month is National Children’s Dental Health Month. At Haring Pediatric Dental we celebrate children’s dental health every day.  We are on a mission to transform the dental experience for generations of children. Many adults... Read More

December in Dublin

December in Dublin, Ohio can be many things for many people. Maybe we’ll get snow. Probably not. For us here at Haring Pediatric Dental, we are looking forward to spending great gobs of time with family, friends, and loved ones celebrating all of the winter holidays. Traditions come in all forms, and we like to... Read More

It feels a lot like November.

It’s November again? The leaves changed colors and then fell away completely. The temperatures seemed to drop precipitously one day at a time. The news seems to ramble on about politics and football. And the flyers in the Sunday papers increasingly mention winter holidays, gifts, and special sales. It feels a lot like November out... Read More

Learning in October…

Have you ever had someone hassle you about cleaning something? Some sort of organizing task that’s gotten a little behind? Generally speaking, we get things cleaned that need to be cleaned. While October is known for pumpkins and kids and playing in leaves, it’s also known is some circles for being National Dental Hygiene Month.... Read More

Welcome Dr. Kim!

In a tight-knit practice such as Haring Pediatric Dental, finding excellent teammates to grow our talent pool is both challenging and essential. Every so often, however, a great talent comes along that makes the process seem easy. It’s with great pleasure that we welcome Dr. Kim Do to our ranks! Dr. Kim grew up in... Read More

School time again?

Back to school time means lots of things depending on who you are. For some, it’s a giddy time of year filled with excitement for new friends, old friends, and lots of good learning. For others, it’s a rush to find all the proper supplies in time for all the classes without spending a fortune.... Read More

We are bringing the cool…

Oh, the tail end of summer is always filled with countless last-minute errands, isn’t it? Somebody needs something for a class, someone else needs to go to a certain meeting… Take a breath. It will all get done. You can get through this period as you have in the past. This year, though, you can... Read More
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