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New Patients

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Your First Visit

Before your first appointment, we suggest you discuss the positive aspects of visiting the dentist. We want your child to have a positive attitude about dental healthcare and your help is important.

What To Expect

First, we will review your child’s completed health history form. For your convenience, our forms are available for download (you can find links to the forms on our forms page) so you are able to complete the forms prior to your appointment. Next, your child will meet our dental team and have a chance to ask questions.

Let your child know that the doctor will count their teeth and that we may take pictures of them (X-rays) and even let them see the pictures! They will receive a dental cleaning and fluoride treatment, a painless, easy way to protect young teeth. If necessary, dental radiographs (X-rays) will be taken.

Diet and Oral Hygiene

We will spend time educating your child on proper brushing techniques during all routine examinations. Proper at home brushing and flossing are vital to the success of your child’s oral health.

Diet plays an important role in achieving a beautiful smile, so we will share tips with you to help you and your child make healthy choices.

We’re here for you

Whenever you or your child have questions or concerns, please ask Dr. Haring or any staff member. By working together, we can help your child have a beautiful, healthy smile that lasts a lifetime.