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Mother’s Day, Not Mothers’ Day – Celebrate the Mother in Your Life!

Believe it or not, Mother’s day turned 100 last year. The “Official” Mother’s day that is celebrated on the second Sunday of May at least. Some roots go all the way back to Roman and Greek holidays and celebrating Maternal Goddesses. A “Mothering Day” started in the 1600’s, involving a prayer service to the Virgin Mary, followed by children giving small gifts and flowers to their mothers.
Mother’s Day as we know it, however, began in 1908 with the “Mother” of Mother’s Day, Anna Jarvis. As she was growing up, her own mother had said that some day tribute should be paid to all the contributions mothers make. Anna’s mother had passed away in 1905, so a few years later, she decided to honor her mother. It started with a simple church service, but by 1911, Mother’s Day had spread to every state. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson officially proclaimed it a National Holiday.

Even though Anna was proud to have the day she started grow to such levels, she quickly grew upset with how it was being taken advantage of. Many companies began to use the holiday as a means to sell a lot of their products, instead of actually celebrating mothers. 

Jarvis wanted us to celebrate the best mother we’ve known, and go visit and spend time with her. Not just send gifts to our mothers, grandmothers, etc. This is why she spent a lot of time focusing on calling it “Mother’s Day,” not “Mothers’ Day.” It wasn’t intended to be a day to celebrate all mothers across the globe, but for each person to thank and celebrate their own mother.
So this Mother’s Day, make sure your Mom, or whomever you consider to be the woman that raised you, knows how much you care. We aren’t saying to skip buying her a gift, but make sure she knows how much she really means to you, and how thankful you are to have her in your life.