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Treats For All!

When you prepare for this year’s crowd of adorable goons, goblin’s and super hero’s why not pick up some treats that you can’t eat for those children with diabetes, celiac disease and food allergies. According to the CDC one out of every 13 children has a food allergy, up 50% from 1997. No one knows why there has been such a sharp increase but that doesn’t change the fact that these allergies can be extremely dangerous for the children who have them, sending over 200,000 to emergency rooms last year.

In addition to the children that struggle with food allergies there are over 4 million children that live with childhood diabetes. Another statistic that does not seem to be getting better. The latest study showed type one and type two diabetes on the rise for our children under 20.

The good news is that you can easily add fun and inexpensive treats to your Halloween handouts with very little extra effort or extra expense. We went for a visit to the teachers supply store, Star Beacon, and discovered tons of fun items priced from twelve to fifty cents!

Stickers are a wonderful handout and when you buy a book of stickers you can give out sheets for a quarter or less, spooky pencils, fun erasers, bungee cords to hold keys, Halloween themed clackers, card games and even a mini photo album can be found at Star Beacon! Buying items in bulk saves even more!

So mix up those treats this year with sweets and no eat treats and you are sure to make a special child’s night by giving them the choice of something they know they can enjoy!

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