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Make this a Summer to Remember!

It is important for kids to stay active, engaged and stimulated during summer break, Continuing the learning process even when school is not in session. With homework done, and schedules relaxed, Summer presents a marvelous time for family bonding. Experts tell us that daily reading is an important part of the routine, so children retain the skills they learned during the school year. A family book club is a fabulous way to take it one step further in instilling in your kids a love of reading for a lifetime. Hearing different interpretations from the group will also help children examine feelings and learn that we all have different perspectives, even when looking at and reading the same book. Family book clubs can enhance your child’s self-esteem and encourage them to feel comfortable forming, and sharing their opinions.
Exploring the great outdoors is another summertime pastime that emphasizes the importance of physical activity and at the same times gives your children and even parents a new appreciation of mother nature. Try and schedule a trip to a new park every few weeks, they are a fantastic free activity to enjoy. Create a scavenger hunt, feed the ducks, explore the trails, and pack a picnic, make a day of it! Adding adventures to this summers game plan is sure to create a summer to remember!