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image of post Keep Your Child's Smile Merry and Bright!

Keep Your Child’s Smile Merry and Bright!

The holidays are a busy time for all. Between shopping and preparing for holiday festivities, it is a difficult time to remember to take care of your teeth, especially your kid’s teeth. With all of the tempting treats and sweets around this time of year, it can be one of the most important times to remind your child to maintain a healthy smile. There are several ways you can help them achieve this even amongst the hustle and bustle. A healthy diet is essential to overall health and well-being, even your teeth! Make sure that your refrigerator is stocked with healthy snacks. This will help ensure that your child is obtaining those important vitamins and minerals for a balanced diet, even if they may be consuming a bit more sugary treats this time of year. Also, make sure your child is drinking plenty of water. The blistering heat of summer may be gone, but the importance of drinking water is forever! Water helps clean your mouth and rid of the excess sugar that may cause cavities. So don’t forget to swap out that hot chocolate for a heaping glass of h2o every once in a while. Although this may be obvious, don’t forget to brush! Help your kids make brushing their teeth a fun activity to avoid it becoming a chore to them. This is essential in preventing any unnecessary trips to the dentist’s office. Last, but not least, don’t forget to schedule check-ups at the dentist. Especially, with the kids out of school for the holidays, this can be a fantastic opportunity to schedule them their bi-annual check-up.