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It feels a lot like November.

It’s November again?

The leaves changed colors and then fell away completely. The temperatures seemed to drop precipitously one day at a time. The news seems to ramble on about politics and football. And the flyers in the Sunday papers increasingly mention winter holidays, gifts, and special sales. It feels a lot like November out there. And as the clocks fall back from the green of a lush Westerville, Ohio summer, we try to remember being grateful as this time of year rolls around.

One of the challenges of this time of year is that our patterns change. Many people feel that with holidays approaching, they need to meet certain expectations. Extra grocery trips are in order. Specialized shopping needs to be done. Travel plans need to be fulfilled. It might take us two minutes less to get ready for work if we neglect to brush our teeth in the morning. The kids might be running a little late for school and some part of our daily routine needs to get trimmed. But if we forget all the little things, big things will start to happen. Bad things, usually. We take little things for granted and sometimes we pay the price for it.

This season is the season for not taking anything for granted. It is worth noting the very many things we have to be grateful for. You might think making or eating a big meal is a hassle. You might think regular check-ups at the dentist are a chore. At Westerville Pediatric Dental, we are very grateful that you trust us to be part of your family’s team. We know that you could choose any dental care provider and instead, you choose us.

From the bottom of our hearts, the whole team here thanks you. Remember all the little things this November. Be grateful and find a good reason to keep smiling. There are many.