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Help Your Child Overcome Fear

imgresGoing to the dentist should never be a frightening experience for a child. We have a few tips for you that can help your child overcome fear and relax before they visit us. At Haring Dental Group our goal is for every child to leave our office with a bright, beautiful smile!

Start Young

The earlier your child visits us, the less anxiety they may feel. It is much easier for us to get to know each other when we first meet at a typical visit rather than an emergency visit. Call us when your child’s first tooth is visible or when they are about one year old.

Simple is Better

Before your child’s first visit to our office, try not to discuss the details they may encounter. If your child has dental issues or pain, don’t predict the outcome. Rather be supportive, let them know that everyone at Haring Dental Group is there to help them feel better.

Words Count

Try not to use words like hurt or pain, and don’t share any “bad” experiences you may have had at the dentist.  Pediatric dentistry is our specialty and we are trained to work with children, even those who are anxious.

Let Us Be Your Guide

During your child’s visits we work with you to make going to the dentist a good experience.  Sometimes we’ll ask you to stay very close, sometimes to stay at a bit of a distance. In all cases, we want to be your partner in good dental healthcare for your children.

We certainly hope every checkup is a great visit, but there may be necessary treatments that involve corrective procedures. If that happens, our staff will explain the procedure to your child in a manner that reduces stress and makes the entire process a good experience for them, and you!