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A healthy Halloween? Yes!

Halloween is a scary time… for teeth. It’s not the ghosts and goblins that scare your chompers, though, it’s the candy! According to USA Today, about 4% of all candy consumed in this country occurs on Halloween. To prevent all that sugar from wreaking havoc on your child’s teeth, we at Haring Pediatric Dental of Dublin have a few tips to make this Halloween a healthy one for you and your family. First, make sure your child eats a healthy, balanced dinner before heading out to trick or treat. This will keep them full and prevent them from filling up on chocolate bars and candy corn. Also, it’s easy to hop in the car and drive house to house, but it’s important that kids walk. Exercise is beneficial to your child’s health, especially on a sugar-filled night. Halloween should only come once a year, not every day. Encourage your kids to be mindful of how much candy they eat on Halloween. A good practice for both safety and nutrition is to wait until you get home to eat the treats. It can be a fun activity to sort the candy in a variety of ways, color, size, flavor, etc. This will allow you to eliminate any candy that might cause your child issues, or that they have allergies to. You can also have your child put a few pieces into small baggies and tell them that is the amount that is healthy for a day and freeze the rest. This will help to avoid a Halloween candy binge! Lastly, make sure they brush their teeth before going to bed. Halloween may mean more candy, but it is not an invitation to skip your daily oral health routine. If you can make an effort to follow these tips this Halloween, there really won’t be too much to be afraid of.