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Happy Father’s Day from Haring Pediatric Dental

The arrival of June brings many annual pleasures. The sun shines here at Haring Pediatric Dental, the plants bloom, the weather warms up, and fathers get their own special day! While dads play a unique role in all our lives, father figures are just as prominent. And while it might not seem like the most intuitive connection, dads can have a tremendous impact on children’s attitudes and practices toward oral health.

A natural first step toward setting a good example as a father figure? Try not to pass on anxiety you might have about visiting the dentist! All our pediatric dentists at Haring go through additional years of training to address the specific needs of children, and we make it a priority to provide every child with a positive experience.

Dads can also be an excellent role model. You can be an inspiration. Instead of merely saying “go brush your teeth,” you can join your child in brushing and flossing together. Paired with other routine activities–Saturday mornings, after dinner, before bed–you can build a bond while setting a good example. Brushing can be fun if you lead the way.

And did you know that having a father who exercises regularly is the single-biggest influence in whether or not teens are physically active? It’s surprising but true. This kind of influence over health-related matters can easily spill over into oral health. While helping your child to practice good oral health routines you may improve your own oral health.

Maybe knowing that fathers can directly impact the long-term health of their children is just the push dad needs to get that workout routine moving again. Father’s day can be a time for giving back, too! Call Haring Pediatric Dental to schedule your children’s next appointment and plan on coming along!