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Gearing up for School!

For any parents out there, we wrote this blog specifically for your kids, so be sure to share it with them!

School’s just around the bend, boys and girls! That means back to homework, tests and no more sleeping in till noon for you kids out there. But to help ease you into the busy days at school again, here are some helpful tips!

Tip #1: Read a book! If you haven’t been reading this summer, now is the time to crack open your favorite genre of book and dive right in. Reading is essential for the brain to work its nerve muscles and ready itself to learning new things from your teachers. In other words, books are the brain’s best exercise!

Tip #2: Start eating breakfast every day, if you aren’t already. You know what they say, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!” Eating breakfast gives your mind and body the energy it needs to function through those early morning classes. Even if it’s just a granola bar or a pop tart, you’ll thank yourself later when you’re able to stay awake during class!

Tip #3: Sleep! Going to bed at a decent hour will really help you out those first few school mornings – even more than breakfast! You may want to stay up late and play games or watch TV,  but few things are worse than the struggle of keeping your eyes open during class. Who knows what important info you’ll miss about your next quiz, too! So, for full effectiveness in school, a recommended eight hours of sleep is a must have!

And there you have it – three tips to help smoothly transition yourself into the coming school year. It might not be for a while, but you’d be surprised how quickly that first day will come. So enjoy your summer now because before you know it, it’ll be backpacks, pencils and bus rides to school for you!