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If your child has a cavity,
they are not alone.

Did you know that more than 42 percent of kids aged 2 to 11 have cavities in their baby teeth? And many of those kids end up getting cavity fillings to treat their tooth decay. Even the most disciplined brushers sometimes need a filling to restore a tooth’s health and proper chewing function.

When you hear the news, don’t panic. Having a cavity is not always the best news, but remember your child listens to everything you say, even if they act like they don’t. If they see you looking nervous or panicked, they’ll pick up on those emotions. The caring dentists at Haring Pediatric Dental make it a priority to explain to your child what they can expect during the procedure. Once complete, they take the time for any questions or concerns and educate both the child and parent on preventing future cavities.

Remember, pediatric dentists deal with kids with varying degrees of confidence in the chair. They’ll be able to explain the process far better and in a way that your child can understand.

Fillings aren’t the only way to treat cavities, but they are the most common. Ask about the types of treatment options the dentist recommends. If the cavity is shallow and just starting to form, they may treat it with fluoride. But if it’s progressed, a filling could be the best option.