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Millions of Americans start the New Year with goals and aspirations for the coming year. Unfortunately, 92% of those who strive to be better are unsuccessful. This year instead of doing it alone, make this the year of #familygoals setting! Goal setting with the family will not only give the most important people in your life a clear message that they are important, but it may also increase your chances of actually keeping this year’s goals! Having a “team” approach means that when willpower or schedules are making it hard to keep your goals, other family members can help keep your whole “team” accountable!

When deciding on what your family goals will be for the coming year, experts recommend that every family member have a voice in determining what they will be. Depending on how ambitious you are, and how large your family, each member may choose one of the goals. This will create buy-in from all and help every family member to be an active participant in ensuring the success of the #familygoals.

To get the ball rolling you may want to come to the table with some suggestions of goals. Popular #familygoals include establishing a family game night, committing to eating dinner as a family and resolving to do volunteer work together as a family, to name just a few! Whatever goals your family commits to, spending time together is win-win for all.