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Fall Ball Guessing Game

Congratulations to HariSimran Khalsa, the winner of our Fall guessing game.  He correctly guessed that there were 331 high bounce balls in the jar!  HariSimran won a $50 Toys-R-Us gift certificate.  He also won $150 in school supplies, a pizza party, and prize bags for his classroom with Silly Bands, stickers, pencils with Halloween erasers and more!  Mrs. Gehring’s 4th/5th grade classroom in Hilliard were the lucky students.

The classroom is going to use the money to purchase “seat sacks” to hang on the back of each chair and store the childrens’ books and papers in because their classroom has flat desks without storage. Here is a picture of the happy teacher with HariSimran!

His class was so excited about their seat sacks (and the pizza!)

The kids loved the pizza party!

HariSimran was a SUPERSTAR in his classroom. The other students were so glad that he had won these prizes for them!

They also enjoyed the treat bags, which included toothbrushes, of course!

We had so much fun watching them enjoy the prizes.

Check back with us soon for the next contest!