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Enter The HDG Elf on the Shelf Contest!



If your kids love The Elf on the Shelf tradition, they will really love our new holiday contest.  We think this will be a fun and easy holiday craft project for you and your family.Plus we have great prizes for you:


1st Place: A $100 Gift Card to Magic Mountain

2nd Place: A $50 Gift Card to Magic Mountain

3rd Place: A $25 Gift Card to Magic Mountain

We found these instructions but if you have others, that’s fine too. You can decorate your elf hat anyway you like or make it from felt or other materials – no end to the options.

When complete, take a photo of your child wearing their elf hat and post it to your Facebook page. Please tag Haring Dental Group so we receive the photo, too.

Start with just a few supplies:

• Scissors                         • One piece green or red construction paper

• Glue                               • One piece white, brown or off-white construction paper

• One cotton ball            • Stapler

• Pen or marker

Step 1Step 1: Fold top right & left corners of green or red construction paper in and cut excess paper off to form a triangle.





Step 2Step 2: Draw 2 elf ears on the white/brown construction paper. Use your pen or marker to draw a squiggle in the ear.





Step 4Step 3: Staple the two sides of your hat together to form a cone. Then staple the ears in place and glue the cotton ball to the top.