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Dental Cleaning

A Cute Little Boy Is Brushing His Teeth With A Toothbrush. On AGoing to the dentist can be fun!

At Haring Pediatric Dental, we understand that going to the dentist can be challenging for children. We are changing that at our office by providing an experience that children will look forward to repeating. We begin with an expert team, which focuses on the child and creating a fun experience. Don’t be surprised if you see the dentist arrive blowing bubbles or asking about your child’s favorite superhero. Many of our operatories have TV’s ready to go with all the popular cartoons prepared to entertain.

Dental cleanings every six months are essential to your child’s oral health. If it is your child’s first cleaning, they will take the gentle polishing tool or tickle brush and let the child feel what it is like so they know what is going to happen and reassure them.  If the child has plaque build-up or tartar, a dental scaler or water pick will also be used.

During the appointment, we will educate both child and parent on oral health and how to keep the teeth and gums healthy and your child’s smile bright. Advice offered includes advice on healthy eating, healthy and unhealthy snacks, and drinks, the importance of brushing twice a day and flossing, and scheduling and keeping a six-month appointment for dental cleanings.

Before or after the visit your child is encouraged to play in the sunken ship play area or game room. Haring Pediatric Dental is the place where going to the dentist is fun!