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Children & Poetry

The skill of writing is a very important one; we know this to be true due to constant use of it throughout our daily activities, like writing e-mails, sending text messages, or updating our Facebook status. Although it may have seemed like a nuisance to write those short stories about our weekend or haiku poems about our favorite food. Learning those different styles of writing were extremely important in our development from childhood to adolescence, and ultimately adulthood. In fact, creative writing styles (specifically poetry) are vital for fostering creativity in a child’s mind. That’s right, that time spent deciphering Shakespeare was truly beneficial. Exposing children to poetry early on can spark their interest in reading and writing. Thanks to beloved authors such as Shel Silverstein and Dr. Seuss, picking up a book wasn’t such a daunting task. Their creative use of words sparked a new level of imagination. Teaching poetry to children can have many other benefits, such as developing children’s vocabulary, rhythm, understanding of grammar, and memorization. Similar to the way we have memorized all the words to our favorite song, poetry can have the same effect.