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Celebrating Mother’s!

Here at Haring Pediatric, we celebrate each May as the month to honor Mother’s. Mother’s play such an important role in our lives, impacting virtually every aspect. This also includes how our oral health routine develops, possibly affection the health of smile for years and years to come. We believe that moms can impact the attitude children have towards the dentist. Studies have proven that if Mother’s think negatively or have had a bad experience at the dentist their children in many cases develop the same negativity about dentist visits and oral health in general.
The experience of our patients is paramount to us, as we know that we are also shaping their attitudes, perhaps for a lifetime. Our tagline “Going to the dentist just got fun” has real meaning to us. We strive to make each and every experience at our office a positive one, for both child and parents. Unlike some other dentist, we allow and encourage parents to accompany their children back to the examination rooms during their visits. We believe educating the parents one good oral health routines is just as important as making certain each child understands how healthy habits can keep a smile bright for a lifetime!
So allow us to thank each and every Mother as we wish them a beautiful month of May and Happy Mother’s Day!