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Celebrate a Healthy Halloween

Halloween can be downright scary for your teeth! But it doesn’t have to be that way! Nutrition is important when comes to your child’s health, and their teeth and gums. Many of the things associated with Halloween and trick-or-treat involve sugar-laden treats and lots of them! With a little creativity, it is possible to keep all of the fun while keeping nutrition front and center, albeit in costume.

Fruit trays dressed up for fun can provide quality nutrients and provide fun when you use some imagination. An ordinary banana can become a ghost when you use mini chocolate chips for eyes. Add peeled clementines with a piece of celery for the stem, and you are sure to have a hit for little goblins! Another fun and healthy alternative, apple mummies! Just partially peel red and green apples, adding mini chocolate chips for eyes, and voila, a fun, festive treat guaranteed to nourish and entertain! A quick search of the internet will inspire more creative ideas for making cheese, pretzels, and veggies into a festive, healthy alternative to candy.

When deciding on what you will be handing out to the ghosts and ghouls that show up on your doorstep, continue with your healthy Halloween theme, There are a plethora of single serve option to choose from, including pretzels, sugar-free gum, baked chips and mini bottled water. Nonfood alternatives that are sure to please include stickers, pencils, erasers and temporary tattoos to name just a few. Haring Pediatric Dental is a proud partner in your child’s dental health and wishes everyone a safe, healthy and fun Halloween.