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Baby Teeth

Parents often ask us if they should be concerned about the condition of baby teeth when they will be replaced by permanent teeth later?
Our answer is always “Yes.” Baby teeth are important for your child in several key ways:

  • Healthy baby teeth are critical as your child learns to speak properly.
  • Poor daily dental hygiene can result in bad breath, even for toddlers.
  • Baby teeth serve as spacers, allowing proper alignment for permanent teeth.
  • Pain associated with cavities can be avoided along with the fear of dentistry that follows children with multiple cavities.
  • Eating habits begin to develop in early childhood.  Tooth pain or cavities can cause children to avoid chewing healthy foods like carrots, apples and meats that they need.
  • Healthy, nice looking teeth are important at every age for health and self-confidence.

Help you child develop good daily habits by encouraging them to brush at least twice and floss at least once a day. Our Healthy Smile chart may help. toothchart

We recommend that children come in for their first dental visit by the age of three. Early professional dental care will help your child enjoy the benefits of a healthy, beautiful smile for life!