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A Father and His Child

The relationship between a father and his child is one for the ages. They have a profound influence on the behaviors of their children, both good and bad. Of course we would never model bad behavior, but we all know that our little, and not so little are always watching! When it comes to modeling good behavior you can start off every day setting positive example by including your children in your morning oral hygiene routines, including brushing and flossing. This daily interaction is good for the entire family and can instill a lifetime of healthy habits that will impact their oral health and overall health as well.

A recent study found that nearly 40% of men never floss, and 30% of men don’t visit the dentist regularly. Imagine the benefit of setting this example for your children at an early age and shattering any preconceived stereotype they may find later in life. Following the basics of good oral hygiene, brushing and flossing twice daily and visiting your dentist a minimum of two times per year are the foundation for keeping dental disease at bay, or finding at an early stage where it can be treated early with the highest probability of cure.

Today may be the perfect time to start a new father-child ritual, and a perfect start to the day. Just think, you may be remembered fondly every time your children brush their teeth, and of course if all goes as planned that will be twice daily occurrence.