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2015 Make a family resolution!

New Year’s Resolutions: Get your Family involved!

As we make our way into the first month of 2015, it’s easy to forget about your personal New Year Resolutions you’ve made. Whether you’ve announced them to the world, or decided them in private while sitting on the couch, we all need some accountability to hold us to keeping those resolutions. Why not make a joint goal for your FAMILY!

So, who better to keep you accountable than the people you live with and see every day?

Better yet, why not get everyone involved? It can keep everyone accountable, maybe improve some areas of your life, and bring everyone closer together. New Year’s resolutions teach children about goal setting, the importance of setting good habits and accountability. We’ve compiled a basic list of guidelines on resolutions that can involve the whole family, you could even make a resolution for your FAMILY! Here are a few ideas to get you started!


Some Basic Guidelines:

Keep It Simple

Make it something that is easy for everyone to participate in, especially if it’s your first Family Resolution. No one likes to be set up to fail, and achieving your goals will help keep your kids dedicated, and teach them about what it feels like to reach those goals.

Involve the Whole Family in Picking

Know your kids’ ages and interests, and how those might impact their involvement and desire to participate. Talk to them about the idea of a resolution, and see what they may like to improve. You could also come up with a few ideas to get you started, and see which they seem most interested in.

Reward Everyone for Reaching Goals

This is an important part of the education process, and can help your kids stay dedicated to their resolutions now and in the future. Celebrate achievements, even if they’re small steps towards a bigger goal. Don’t punish them for not reaching their goals, but be encouraging.

Here are a few ideas we’ve thought of to help get you thinking about Family Resolutions:

Set aside electronic-free time

Pick an hour or two, once a day or once a week where everyone comes together and does something without the TV, computer, or cell phone. Play some board games, sit in a room and read together, go outside, whatever  – just no electronics! There are many benefits to something like this!

Learn a new language

We live in a world that is growing to be more and more intercultural. Learning a new language together, no matter how proficient you become at it, can be beneficial long-term.

Go Green

Recycle, turn off lights, take shorter showers… there are many ways to take care of the Earth. This can even help save money!


A big one for adults especially, it’s still important for your kids to get lots of exercise. Find outdoor games everyone can play, or go on walks together.

Make a Chore Chart

Finding things around the house for everyone to do has obvious advantages. This is also one that can be easy to track, and allow everyone to see the progress.

Save Money

Make it as simple as having a joint piggy bank. Find something to save up for – something that you wouldn’t normally buy yourselves. Or just make a goal of how much to save! Everyone can find ways to add to it, even just a few cents at a time.

Spend Time Together Regularly

Once a day, week, month, whatever –  set some time to be together. Even if it’s as simple as making sure you’re having a meal at the same time and same table a few times a week, it’s an important resolution. Or you could go bigger, and go on regular family outings.